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Image is Everything!
One of the most important factors when producing a large scale collaboration is ensuring that everyone uses similar “design language”. Using the Macintosh as an example - you can spot one from a mile away. Each era has a distinctive look, no matter what the model, because they share a design language. To help ensure our potential audiences can instantly recognize a #MARCHintosh production, we’ve created this style guide.

“What do I do?”
First: Use the hashtag #MARCHintosh in your videos and promotion. For consistency, please capitalize the first part of the tag when possible.

Next: Use the Chicago typeface whenever possible. Chicago has that classic Macintosh “feel” that all the kids love! Use the original font if you have rights to it, selecting the old bitmap version or newer TrueType version depending on which style fits your goal. If you're a troglodyte like Joe and use Windows*, you’ll need to find a copy. A freeware version is available here: https://fontsarena.com/chicago-flf-by-susan-kare-robin-casady/

Finally: Use the official event artwork for promotion. A high resolution version is available at the link below:

Oh, and one more thing: Provide credit to the official artwork designer in a form compatible with your media. (Video Comments, Podcast Notes, etc.)

#MARCHintosh Event Logo concept and design by Javier Rivera | YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC550QsLjbk-zxUv4u717EJQ | Twitter: @javierivera

*Joe wants to mention that he very much resembles this remark.

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